Settings and options

Theme options

Admin panel -> Appearance -> Themes Options

In this page, you have 16 options to fill up or choose, fill them up as much as you can then you will have a much better experience using this theme.

Functionality Options

  1. Posting Access: Choose if you let any member including none-admin to post on your site.
  2. Hide Threads: Choose if you want to hide comments threads in default.
  3. Bing API key: Paste your Bing Map API key to the field, see chapter 2.1.3 on how to get one.
  4. Tencent Map API key: Olny Chinese users need to fill this up, leave it blank if you are not in China.
  5. Max Image width: Number 1 to 2000. Image width larger than this will be resized to this number in pixel before upload. Height will be calculated automatically. 612 is recommended. If you set this number to 1, images will be upload in full size. Note that your php might refuse to upload if you set this number too large.
  6. Image Resize Quality: Number 0.0 to 1.0. Image quality for pre-uploading resizeing, set to 1.0 for best quality and largest file size, 0.0 for worst quality and smallest file size, 0.7 is recommended.

Design Options

  1. Post prompt: Will appear in your input box when nothing has entered, as a prompt.
  2. Blog Post Titles: Whether to show “blog” type post title in your post list.
  3. Statistis page subtitle: You can customize your analytic page subtitle on this field.

SEO options

  1. SEO Keywords: Keywords of your website, separated by commas, no more than 32 characters recommended for search engine optimization.
  2. SEO Description: Descriptions for this site, less than 320 characters, fill this for better seo.
  3. SEO Author: The author name for this site, fill this for better seo.
  4. Additional codes in footer: These codes will be insert to page footer, right before body tage ends, use this to add your tracking, analytics codes or any codes you want for whole site.

Additional options

  1. Date of site found: Choose the day that this site was open to visitor, theme will use this to get how long the time this site lasts.
  2. Site record No.: Chinese users need to fill this for a legal reason, will appear in footer info.

Click “Update Options” button when you finish them all.

Personal Options

These options are judged by accounts, when you have multi users, they can set these options differently according to there preference.

WordPress Admin panel -> Users-> Your profile

Scroll to bottom find: “Extra Options

Gender:Choose your gender, will be shown on author page

Detect your device information: Whether to detect your device info when you login, you can choose not to, detect but don’t show, detect and show.

Float button position: The Float button position when you login, choose left or right which best fit your preference.

Plugin settings

Post Views settings

Admin panel -> Settings-> PostViews

View Templat:


Most Viewed Template:

<li><a href="%POST_URL%" title="%POST_TITLE%">%POST_TITLE%</a> - %VIEW_COUNT_ROUNDED% views</li>

Adjustments and settings completed.