Built-in features

  • Built-in geo-location service, get your location through GPS ( with your permission) of your device and chick in in any post.
  • Built-in device detect function in server side, you can publish posts with your device info like:”From iPhone iOS”
  • Built-in image resize functions, resize before upload to media library, size and quality are adjustable.
  • Built-in light box function, no plugins needed.
  • Built-in Dark mode auto switch.
  • Built-in analytics function, know the details of your whole site.
  • Built-in SEO options, personalize your site in one minute.
  • Built-in emoji selector, insert an emoji to your content on the go.
  • Built-in infinite scroll.

Note:The GPS check-in feature requires your website to have a configured SSL certificate (ie https access). Dark mode is currently only supported on Windows 10+, iOS 13+, MacOS Mojave+ and Chrome76+ for Android.