Why This

Keep Minutes is a microblogging WordPress theme, all your daily creation is on the front end and no need to go WordPress Back end at all!

Why did I create this theme?

I was a student back then, now I am an architect designer.

Around 2012, Twitter couldn’t normally be accessed in china because of government censorship. At that time, I just started to learn how to blog with and customize WordPress. Because of the similar experience of Blogspot and WordPress.com, I decided to make something on my own, something just like Twitter because I firmly believe that:

The content stored in the provider’s server always implies a huge risk. Only when you control the data, maintains long-term stability.

So, completely in personal interest, the first version of the “Keep Minutes” WordPress theme was released.


  1. August 13, 2012, Inspired by the WordPress P2 theme, and goes as a child theme of P2.
  2. June 23, 2019, Keep Minutes is an independent theme not relying on any of the other themes and plugins.


2021, Keep Minutes is 10 years old.