Installing theme

Uploading Files

There are 2 ways to upload you files to your server, both are fine.

Way 1

Unzip your theme and plugins file, use FTP tools like “Filezilla” to upload them to your WordPress directory.

  1. Upload “keep-minutes-2” directory to wp-content/themes/
  2. Upload all “wp-postviews” to wp-content/plugins/wp-postviews/

Way 2

Go to your WordPress Admin panel ( eg: )

  1. Appearance -> Themes -> Add New-> Upload Theme -> Choose and click open to upload.
  2. Plugins -> Add new -> Upload plugin -> choose the “wp-postviews” plugin, click open to upload.

Activate theme

Admin panel -> Appearance -> Themes -> Hover to Keep Minutes 2 theme and click “Activate”

Now you have the theme activated.

After activation, it will automatically redirect you to the “Theme Activation” page, fill in your activation code, click “Activate”, if prompted:

License key activated

Then theme is installed successfully.

Activate Plugins

Admin panel -> Plugins -> Installed Plugins

Click “Activate” under “wp-postciews” plugin you just upload.

At this point, you have completed most part of installing, you can visit your website and publish the first content, but there are some adjustments and settings need to be done in order to make your writing experience much better.

Please read next chapter for more.