Since V, Keep Minutes theme helps people create, share, publish their contents more faster by providing an API.

Assume that the URL of your Keep Minutes theme website is: https://keepmins.com/

API Endpoint: https://keepmins.com/ (Same as your website URL)

API parameters:

kmtitle The title

Example: https://keepmins.com/?kmtitle=The Title Text

kmcontent The content

Example: https://keepmins.com/?kmcontent=the content texts you want

kmimage The image

Example: https://keepmins.com/?kmimage=the-URL-of-a-image

kmtag The tag(s) Example:https://keepmins.com/?kmtag=tag1,tag2,TAG3

You can surely use these parameters with combinations.


https://keepmins.com/?kmtitle=The Title Text&kmcontent=The content texts you want&kmtag=tag1,tag2,tag3

Access the endpoint with parameters, if you have the publishing permission of the target site, all parameters will be automatically filled into the post form, all you have to do is click “send”.

This API only provides a way to quick input, you have to publish them manually.